A Progressive Rock Project


The Recruit

Released in September of 2015, The Recruit continues to explore new musical territory for Vonassi.  The Recruit is an epic and ambitious musical statement that tells a powerful story about conflict and communication.

About Vonassi:

The progressive rock project Vonassi was formed between the musical chemistry of Jeff Vaughn and Vince Buonassi. Born out of Chicago, IL in Fall of 2007, Vonassi began their first EP project as a musical experiment and exploration of their writing talents. It was apparent after that successful trial that a full album was essential and forthcoming. As that full album project unfolded, Vonassi added a third member – Chase Carter (vocalist, guitarist). The result of this amazing collaboration became the unique sound of Vonassi. Their debut album entitled “The Battle of Ego” was released in January of 2010 and is described as a powerful musical statement in today’s progressive rock genre.

Vonassi is still alive and kicking in 2015, but on a smaller scale.  Still considered as a studio rock project, Vonassi is now being led under the creative direction of Jeff Vaughn (musician, producer, songwriter).  Jeff is working to continue releasing recorded works under the Vonassi name that have yet to be completed.  Check out the NEWS section of this website for further details.